Beatles/Rolling Stones/Syd Barrett friend Prince Stash de Rola loves the music of Village Green Machine. This eccentric artist and royal dandy requested a copy of Village Green Machine's first LP, and is among a number notable figures who are known to like the band.

The Smiths Andy Rourke has played a track from Village Green Machine's first long player England's Dreaming Spires on his New York radio show, and has requested a copy of the second album, as has The Misunderstood's Rick Brown and Chesterfield Kings Greg Prevost.

Electric Prunes vocalist James Lowe has said Village Green Machine keeps reminding him of Brian Wilson.

Love's Johnny Echols recently made a Facebook friend request to Lemon, who has been writing with PP Arnold. Lemon collaborated with Mike Scott, Dave Kusworth and the late Nikki Sudden and his brother Epic Soundtracks in Jacobites, a band Tom Waits mentioned in his autobiography, who are one of MGMT’s favourite bands. Lemon has recently been approached by a writer from The New York Times. Producer John Leckie has been a regular caller.

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