Painter Man

Those Monty Python people. Have you ever seen their stuff? I was told I should not watch too many episodes on the DVD I bought, in case it sends me funny. Stop laughing. All weird stuff. Mind you, its nice to see all those old ladies. What I don't understand is, why do some of them have such hairy legs?

Yes, I have had a little drinky pooh. It tastes nice, cold, chilled, slightly bitter. These days I only buy bottles, in case of aluminium in the cans. What I want to know is, who has stolen the last 437 bottles I had stacked in the garage. Probably the mouse, the cat sits there endlessly waiting. I set a (humane) trap, actually must check the damn thing. A mouse got caught in one of them when I was at Le Beat Bespoke, no one checked while I was away, and, well its grim. Poor thing.

What gets you going? I mean, what really does it for you, you know, presses that big buzz button? Isn't it great when something does? There's a horrible abyss we can all fall into inside ourselves when we think about the horrible things in our lives, I say, lets think positive about the nasty stuff in our lives. Then you feel better. Its true, positive thinking works in that way. Which I would have done well to have reminded myself of yesterday or the day before, when I was on a real bad downer about a close relative who is ill. I do believe in positive thinking towards- loss, illness, life's failures. Because thinking is linked to feeling, and it seems to me positive thinking about life's worst experiences helps anyone feel somewhat better at the very least.

No, it is mad this blog. It lurches from one thing to another I know. One thing I learnt from John Lennon and Bob Dylan is, be real. Who wants a false pop star? A few little girls? Well ok, there are plenty of desperate pretenders out there who have the looks you know it amazes me. Looks and sex appeal, make a star. What? OK sex appeal is an intense matter, but, aren't there quite a lot of sexy people just walking up the street every day, and why on earth should a person's sexual attractiveness make what they are doing as an artist valid or desirable? I don't get that. But then a few years back, all the women went for David Gray. Then James Blunt. Back when I played with a quite famous songwriter, we did some gigs in Germany, and bless him, the man in question was basically afraid of a certain lady who kept coming to the shows. If he hadn't been quite such a shitbag to me, I might be sympathetic, but he was and I'm not. He used to look at the photos I'd take from the stage of the audience to see if he could spot her. I think she wanted to have his babies, but since he didn't know who or where they were, this was something of a problem.
I mean all this thing is about is music. And, I mean, looking as good as possible. And I think it is about the truth and if that is not one the menu, lets pack up.

Human beings with issues, what about those? There's always someone out there with a problem. I always show them the door now. Life races by. So lets stay positive, and have a nice time.

I'm putting this freakbeat style tune together to record next week; there is good music here, come on support us with a purchase.

Love, Mark
I have been listening today to The Creation, mostly if not all produced by Shel Talmy. There is a certain level there, I find myself going back again and again. Isn't it bizarre that Boney M did a version of Painter Man?

And now for something completely different.

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. Painter Man
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