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I love to write this half drunk, having taken my mother to the hotel bar. But I spent Thursday night e mailing a songwriter I have been chatting with for a while- Bill Rivers. Check out his myspace page and listen to the songs. I received a friend request from Bill a while back, and was immediately drawn to his stuff, unusually in as much as I don't normally go for acoustic stuff. However, I regard what Bill is doing as special. Meet Me In The Morning is an incredible song, and he has a great sound together and performances. Reminds me of Skip Spence, maybe an English Jacques Brel.

Prior to e mailing Bill I as usual took my mum out- now if she were taking me out I'd be embarrassed but its the other way round ( I used to see a man around here who walked a few paces behind his mother, pulling her shopping trolley- ''there'll be no sweets Malcolm for your 32nd birthday unless you keep up with mother!'' ). You know those old people's shopping trolleys? If you see me with one of those, call the fire brigade. Mind you it might hold my fuzz pedal quite nicely- the one given to me PERSONALLY, BY JOHN MCNALLY FROM THE SEARCHERS, the one I promised I would not keep on about. I was listening to their great 45 Have You Ever Loved Somebody this week, one of my very favourite 45s, which has the very same fuzz pedal blaring out. Sounds great, same as Keith on 'Satisfaction', seriously it has been sounding great on the Village Green Machine sessions. We have been recording new stuff, its going great, and preparing for the single release and release date proper of the album. It was available for a spell before but we didn't know anything about pushing an album, I hate that word but there is obviously a lot entailed in releasing music, and we know a lot more now so we are staging a proper release on Oct 5 for England's Dreaming Spires.

All sorts is happening now with Village Green Machine as things build. Its all building, the music, and, I would say, career, but I hate that word. But I am ambitious with it. I know how many good songs there are on the back burner. I am blessed in as much as my latest songs seem to be good, it is overall a very positive scenario. The video is worked out but not yet filmed, it will consist of me looking into the camera for 3 minutes.

Chesterfield Kings

What have I been stacking up on my radiogram this week? Well, nothing as the damn thing needs a new valve but I have had the Chesterfield Kings first 2 albums on in the car, which demonstrate why, from the outset, they were a very formidable proposition- and remain one. They play, for those who don't know, 60s sounding garage r&b with strong psychedelic overtones. Its the way they do it, and how good they are which matters so much. They are a cult band, but I cannot see why their sound and great songs cannot become massive. It should- they are just great, and I am pleased to announce I will be printing an interview here soon with Kings founder Andy Babiuk- himself a fan of Village Green Machine. If you like The Stones, The Stooges, The Seeds, I suggest you check out their sound on myspace or at their website, then check back for my interview.

Forgive me for keeping on, but if you like 60s music and rock&roll music, you really should hear Chesterfield Kings. I hope they will come and play in London. They are one of the best bands in the world.

Looks like I'll be playing in London myself. Haven't played there apart from the Mark Lamarr session since I was in Jacobites, I remember we didn't rehearse, the place was packed and the drummer had never heard the songs before the gig, he did look a little alarmed. Alan Mcgee has been telling me he loves the Jacobites LP Robespierres Velvet Basement which I played acoustic guitar and bass on. We didn't rehearse that either, just went in. Nikki Sudden said, the chords are....and off we went. The album has been re released several times, I believe it is still a big album in America. I hear often from people who like Jacobites, it is something I am happy about. Bubblegum Slut are fans, they are an excellent fanzine who like trash rock and ''cock rock'', ladies please! If you go to their myspace, there are pictures of them in their lingerie, including one you may find fetching of a young lady wearing very little except a bikini bottom with a heart picture, which she kindly is spreading her legs wide apart in order to demonstrate. If the vicar from the church hall where we record is reading this, it will either be the end of my recording career or a reduction on the room rental, we'll have to see.

Actually I have been needing a thigh massage, as I am still recovering from a most extraordinary attack by a 'security guard' at a popular supermarket. Their bleeper went off as I left the Big Store, however I refused to stop as asked, since a gang of good old Brummie chavs was hanging around, and I thought the hey stop instructions were coming from would be muggers. So I kept walking straight ahead without looking back. The shouting carried on then suddenly a security man ran at me from behind and wrapped his arm around my throat. The chavs were going 'you're going home wounded' and 'have you got any money on you'. It turned out it was on suspicion of shoplifting, the chavs were just having fun at my expense. They knew I thought I was being mugged. I had a bruised throat and leg, but it was a nasty shock and, after I was marched back in the shop, searched and so on it was decided I had not stolen anything after all. No apology.

I hadn't stolen anything.

Not that time.


Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. Mollie Sugden's Bridesmaid
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