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There are many things I would like to say about many issues. Unfortunately those I would most like to really have a go at are not very nice people, so I remain silent on some things. I think its called self preservation! However horrible reality is in this world, at least goodness, kindness, light, and self improvement are realities. So lets drink to that, and try to stay positive. I used to think everyone had a compassionate side, but the more I learn, the less sure I am of that. Before I turn the air blue, I will now tell you what has been going on in Village Green Machine land this week. ps I just found some pictures belonging to a friend of a friend on myspace. I believe it is customary to kill animals before skinning them...I wish all the tossers and ***** would take a leap.. however...

I went in to record in the church hall again on Monday, to record a song called Downtown, Downtown. It is a northern soul kind of song. It needs a lot of work and is half done, at this stage sounding uncannily like Booker T and the MGs. This is honestly a coincidence, which has come about since I am playing the northern soul riff on my Danelectro guitar. Also, the bass riff which is the same riff is very repetitive, giving the track a 'Green Onions' feel. Wait till I put the organ on, it may sound even more like BT and the MGs. I hope it does, I like them. Also the essence of the track will materialise (or not) when I produce it. Sometimes I hardly do any production, preferring to leave the track as it is. But mostly, I like to add the reverbs, compression and so forth. These are the types of judgements which are at the centre of production. I love producing my own stuff, the whole process I see as like painting a picture, from start to finish. This new song, I have written with DC Fontana in mind, should they wish to do a version. I am half way through recording and about to produce it- will it work really well, or not, who can be sure, I know I certainly have to stay right on my toes and hopefully it will turn out great. I'm only just tuning in to the total surf sound of my Dan guitar, through the AC30. It sounds great- and didn't The Seeds sound like that? Which brings me to my proposed track for next week. It is about a naughty , naughty little man. The trouble is, his wife is a spider, and I'm afraid, well, she decides to eat him. Just don't ask, ok? I would like to add that the song has been a cathartic experience, and that policemen who are naughty, well, they might be eaten by their wives.
Mr Tom Hingley doesn't know what he might be unleashing when he recommends self disclosure....

Anyway it is called, She She Spider, and it is influenced by The Seeds, and is dead funky, and I intend to put on the garage organ and it is the most exciting thing I think I have ever done. The verses just roll one into another, I don't want to let the momentum slip. So it keeps on churning, with this funky groove behind it. I am half tempted to get hold of a wah wah guitar pedal for it. Again, the whole thing is up in the air, as it is scarcely begun. Will it work out...if it doesn't I will bin it, but I think I can make it come together well. And really, it has got to come together really well, or in the end I wont use it.

I would like to hear from all who are reading this. I am going to ask some questions. Its not really market research, here goes.
1) What is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
2) Desert Island disks. If there were 3 records you had to choose for a desert island, what would they be?
3) What really pisses you off in life
4) What really pleases and delights you in life
5) What is your favourite item of clothing
6) What is your favourite film?
7) What is your favourite book?
8) What is your favourite gig of all time and
10) Have you downloaded any Village Green Machine stuff yet (or bought any CDs from our website), and if so, what are your feellngs about what you hear? I would like your comments on the respective tracks. There are more on their way, but it will take a while.....

ps you might well ask what happened to number 9, I am not quite sure myself! You invent a number 9.

.Click 'comment' at the end of this blog and leave your message. I might even answer all these questions myself soon on here.

Finally, I had a long conversation tonight with Mr Tom Hingley, he of Inspiral Carpets. He helped me realise how much the world has changed, and of course although I am into old music, I am not into old ways of doing things. Really it seems now, there are so many new possibilities arising, so many new ways of negotiating a path to our destinations of choice, that we need to embrace this and move with the times, and think creatively and take some risks. Its all good its all exciting, thanks Tom for helping me get my head back where it ought to be.

And thank you for reading, I will get back to you on any feedback by replying to it , replies appear next to your comments so do check back.

Bye for now

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. Inspiral Inspirations....
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