This week I have been recording a protest song. I never was much drawn to the genre, although I like The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carrol by Bob Dylan, and I do like PF Sloan's songs. So perhaps I like protest after all. Anyway, my song is cheerfully entitled, Armageddon Dead Ahead. I wrote it to record simply, and have put just one guitar as accompaniment. This will make it probably the sparsest recording I have ever made. It is a song about what I see as the consequences of 'anything goes' thinking. I managed to get into trouble when I was younger, because I did away with boundaries. I can see it happening in society at large now. Freedom carries with it responsibility for ones actions, which includes responsibility for ones own welfare. So lets take all the breaks off and see where that leads....lets not. There are some terrible people in really influential positions in society now. Nutters. Certain aspects of liberal thinking just seem incredibly naive to me. We have to look to the consequences, and consider that real people who feel and experience and are flesh and blood, are the subjects of consequences.

Anyway that's that. I am not primarily or particularly a political songwriter, but no intelligent person can surely remain indifferent to human affairs.

You know, when I was younger I got sucked into the new age movement. I really hate the new age movement. Nothing against particular individuals, but- what a load of hogwash it is. None of those ideas have any verifiable substantiation in the real world, but lost people, especially young people, look for solace from their alienation in new age ideas. I did. You know, in the end, I had a nervous breakdown. I was 21. What a ******* way to spend your youth. And that was all because of freedom, although to be honest I was too out of control to be controlled. Just watch out for the gurus, that's all I'm going to say. No one thinks they are in a cult. But, there are readily identifiable factors which are common to all cults. Cultists Anonymous had a list of check points- people should have the courage to check that out.

Having ones mind bent- you know it can go a very, very long way before a person begins to realise. Then getting out of it, can be a long very difficult haul, and some people never entirely recover.

Yeah I mean I got caught, I got clobbered, big time. I have never written songs about it, I never talk about it to anyone so really it is a surprise to me that I am going public about this, but I know a few friends of mine will be reading this and I am glad to get it off my chest. It was a lot worse than I ever let on. I can't talk about what happened to me in the end. Too horrible. Its a no-go area.

But yeah, I think the idea of normal society, with all its faults, materialism, greed and so on, is infinitely preferable to new age platitudes. It all seems so gentle, (new age) so coersive, so plausible, as the mind softens up to a particular set of ideas. Then new ideas come in, and one feels party to special knowledge. And then, doesn't the rest of society start to look rather uninformed, rather silly in fact? Through 'meditations' one becomes changed, towards 'higher consciousness'. But that is only a belief. In fact meditation induces all manner of weird distortion- but the claims made about it by cults are by their very nature fraudulent. Gradually a person becomes more detached from society, and from the old self. New mind altering techniques get introduced, and a lot of it is down to how wholehearted the cult member is. I threw myself hook line and sinker. As the ideas tear the mind apart, and the 'meditations' induce ever more odd states, the mental pain just grows worse and worse, leading in the end to psychosis. It can happen. It happened to me. So so much for hippies. I don't like them. They are the most stupid creatures alive when it comes to all this. And, now let me get my teeth into the new age industry. Glastonbury, the last time I was dragged there, was highly populated with, the oh so enticing imagery scents and sounds of new age. One can lose oneself in a world of incense, tarot, esoteric beliefs of every brand. But that is the key word, brand. How can spirituality be sold? Pretty easily it seems. Back to Dylan. He said, about flesh coloured christs which glow in the dark, in souvenier shops. And that not much was sacred. How very true! Cults. New agers. They make a mint from the void and desperation of peoples souls, which is evil. I mean, some mean well. My brother, who is seriously ill, went to an acupuncturist. She charged 15 a session, which was a lot back then. But maybe she believed in it? People believe in all sorts, if its lucrative, and they are dealing in people's souls and they have blood money all over them. Only there is no visible evidence of corruption. Which is why people who have been affected need to speak out.
It stinks, new age. Its a carbuncle on society we could do without, along with many others.

All the time I was in the cult I kept doing music. I left the Rag Dolls with Dave Kusworth because of that cult. The 'guru' is dead now. If there is a power of higher love and light in this universe I am open to it, but it was not he.

Anyhow look this new recording is good. We finished Psychedelic Ice Cream Man too, its really blasting. I am working on a pure Northern Soul song. I think I can do it, because some northern records had no brass. When I realised this I thought way -hey, I can do a northern soul record. Its really fast. I've got to get the piano right, not easy. But it is more or less stereotypical northern soul, which is how I like it- with the Tamla style riff which so many of them have. Its a song about a nasty man, but lets leave it there! There are a number of candidates I could easily bring to mind, who dwell, lolling in the dark basement of my subconscious. Still, sun shines there too, thanks to the beautiful people I've known-- here's to music anyway. Its been there all along...

Take Care


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