Captain Fuzztone's Psychedelic Ice Cream Van

I am pleased to welcome Alan Mcgee and Dr Robert to the Village Green Machine friends on MySpace.
Thank you both for signing up, and thanks also and hello to everyone else who is tuning in to events with Village Green Machine.

I have pointed out recently that VGM has a very solid basis, it is a team who have worked together successfully for 3 years in the background on all aspects of launching a serious music happening. We are like a conveyor belt, in terms of regularity of work. We record once a week- a tortoise, but it accumulates and we have a second album near completion. As well, this is sixties style music, no apologies. But, it is experimental, and that aspect is obviously by definition not retro. It could be argued that the sixties was a very experimental time which it evidently was, but I generally have little interest in that queasy, hippy sort of thing which springs to mind as 60's experimentalism. Having said this, The Kinks were a very experimental band, with their pop 45s. Experimental pop 45s, and the products of that spirit of exploration (in their case) hardly need my endorsement. What I find interesting about this is that somehow, the records kept their form, the experimentation being contained, encapsulated within a pop single format. The structures of the 7 inch single were surely a blessing in disguise, a necessary straight jacket, a boundary to prevent over indulgent and formless artistic collapse and meandering self indulgence. There seems to be a force at play which brings pop back to base, to this limited musical statement of max 3 mins! And anyway, every time I have been transported into another world by music, every time something has happened for me for which words are mere empty symbols, it has been within the 3 minute pop format. There is a magic...if its T Rex or The Action, or whoever it may be, we just hunt out those great singles which, generally seem to rise to the top like cream. And those moments really become the soundtrack to our lives. Of course, I am absolutely incredulous at the amount of rubbish which has sold as single releases. Jim? Reed from JAMC once said in an interview, stop pissing on and raping this art form, or words similar. Perhaps he had not stopped to consider just how bad things were to become in the ensuing decade. Of course the 90s brightened up considerably at one point and there have been good bands since, but it is dismaying that so much cynicism is at play in terms of the manufacturing of pop. It runs deep. But, to any discerning music lover, the artifice is surely apparent. The problem lies with the general public it seems to me, some of whom appear incapable of recognising that they are being manipulated into spending their money. I find that sad, and rather sick. Mind you, I love The Monkees. But then we're into the trash aesthetic there. Bad trash isn't aesthetic, its just trash- insatiable thirst never gets satisfied in this throwaway culture partly because nothing any good gets consumed, in my opinion. Generally.

This week, I played all instruments on a song called Psychedelic Ice Cream Man. It wont be out for a while. Our lovely ribbon mic blew up so we used a real primitive one, about 50 years old. Then, I did a load of production with the sound. So, I love that. The combination of lo-fi with a lot of retro production, it sounds- WOW! Honestly it does. Next week I will put Danelectro lead and maybe John Mcnally's fuzztone pedal on top, it sounds a bit like the 13th Floor Elevators. Its about this chap I obviously only imagined exists, who liked to sell a bit of something else along with his choc ices. All I wants a 99, I end up with a ****** ****. More Mr Trippy than Mr Whippy, its WOW WOW WOW, it goes really fast with the swirling Vox Continental, and when its finished I will make it a great record in the final production, or I will punish myself in horrible ways.

Oh anyway you get the idea. We may run the track through analogue tape before its release. I love primitive sounds, they just seem to have more charisma.

Thanks for dropping by, do come back...I will always do my best to make great records. The Glasvegas album had me in bits by the way, the same as it did a few others I expect. I was late catching on, but I do think there is something really good going on there, outside my usual references but that's fine. PS I can tell they like Phil Spector's music and The Velvets. I'd love to hear them do a lo-fi 60s style record, with all retro sounds.


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