Seaman Stains never existed! Apologies for any wounded feelings.

Now. Lux Interior. Thats a bit of a bummer actually. I have a book here about The Cramps, and it scared the ****out of me- so in a way I confess admiration on those grounds alone. I have yet to discover their back catalogue properly, but I love that film of them at NABA? state mental hospital where they played with no stage, leading one commentator to waggishly point out that it was difficult telling who was an inmate and who was in the band. I watched it over and over on YouTube, the guitar sounds fantastic, top entertainment. Where should I start collecting, which albums I don't know. The thing is, they celebrated the kitsch flotsam of (American) popular culture. This I like. Especially the 50s and 60s stuff. I love 50s 'b' movies but haven't a clue where to find any on DVD. Anyhow, Lux has passed on, so respect to him and his vision and music. It seems to me they had a certain amount in common with Andy Warhol, also an inspiration to me.

Village Green Machine, then. I have asked Mr Stephen Berkoff if he finds my song about him offensive, and await a reply. Maybe the BBC will be able to run the song after all. I hope so. Stephen has said he wants to hear it.

On Monday I laid down a new song, a 60s style garage rocker. I am so pleased with the improved sound. The Vox keyboard sounds just brilliant recorded at low volume through the AC30, using the 50s ribbon mic and valve pre amp. I've got a raunchy overdriven sound on the AC30- I'm really pleased with the vocal, and there's a loud tambourine on the chorus. The song is the Chesterfield Kings favourite by me, and I must confess it sounds a bit like them. Their music ranks with the White Stripes as my favourite from America in recent times.

Meanwhile here, I wonder what The Horrors are up to. That first album really had its moments. I don't know why, but I loved it. I think they supported The Sonics last year in London, wish I'd seen it. I like The Sonics too, and I can confirm from YouTube footage that the reformed lineup sounds great.

Village Green Machine could do with a cash injection. With this I think we could demonstrate through advertising, the potential. I set out to record a great album with EDS, I wasn't mucking around and I am very proud of it. Selling it in appreciable numbers is another matter- it needs a cash injection, so come on guys, lets talk! I know I can be a rock and roll star, I'm bored with being held back. I'm a normal person.

It is significant that I have discovered the great new guitar and keyboard sounds. You know I think I will use them in future. An overdriven AC30 just sounds like Dave Davies, which as I'm sure you can appreciate, is some great way to sound. Then there's the gorgeous creamy tone I've found through setting the AC30 quiet-ish for the keyboards. The new song is also emptier, giving the record a chance to breathe more. So, I will not be copying myself. I want to sell music as well as record it, and I put my hand on my heart and say, there are easily half a dozen albums in me which I know I have very good songs for, and I know I can record good versions of them all. It is in fact a totally envious position to be in- but we have to connect with people. So please do what you can to spread the word, and ... put it this way. There is little I love more than going running and walking alone in the forest, which I often do. Music for me, is an isolating experience and to be honest a fair measure of that is desirable to me, after so many years now of being alone most of the time. But there is part of my brain now which wants to burst forth out into the world, with the music. I am not scared any more!


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