I am delighted to announce that a song of mine 'Berkoff Give Me something' has been BANNED by the BBC. For years I would have dreamt of such ignominy, now the honour has finally been bestowed upon me without my even having to try! Unfortunately though it does mean Mark Lamarr does not get his exclusive track for his website, so sorry about that Mark. Apparently the line 'Berkoff looks like a serial killer' was deemed possibly offensive, and so, to avoid any hurt feelings or recriminations the song had to be removed.

This week then saw the broadcast of the Mark Lamarr session. I did not sleep the night before very much, as I never go to bed until 5am and had to be up, at 5.15. So I wa basically spaced out by the time we got there, then we had to shift a load of gear and the session itself was great fun but rushed by my laconic standards. I was unclear how the various elements would translate into the sound which came out of the radio but actually I have to say I was quite pleasantly surprised, I also thought we got on well, Mark Lamarr and myself. Chas of Chas and Dave turned up towards the end, we shook hands and he was telling us about the bands he was in in the 60s. Do check out the session on R2s website for the ML show if you haven't heard it. I also played some of my favourite 60s records including the extraordinary Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies by The Association.

Its no secret the album England's Dreaming Spires came first before any band line up, I have to say Glenn and Paul did an excellent job on the session, I had a few drinks and felt I did ok. So it was quite an experience although really tiring, next time I'll try to get more sleep.

In the interview I talked about doing some live stuff, I could do with a decent agent and a publisher if anyone great is reading...there will be live dates, and a video, these things are very much on my mind, as is an advertising campaign for the album in the spring. As well I am intending vinyl albums of England's Dreaming Spires available initially from our website only, and I want to do a vinyl 45 available from there too. CDs are available now from the website.

And meanwhile we are producing tracks for LP no 2, I must say it always fascinates me recording a new song because, although there is a general parameter on what I do, the experimental aspect kicks in with virtually every song, which means I stay surprised by the outcome, and generally quite quizzical about what on earth is going to emerge next. Album 2 will be solid, however we have to sell plenty of album 1 first and I am all for promoting it until that becomes pointless- which I hope will not be for a very long time.

I haven't got a clue who is reading, talk to me!

Hello to Ian Barrett- a cool jewellry designer and close relative of Syd. Also to John Cavanagh, a man with a priceless organ


Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. BANNED by the BBC!
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