This last week or so Village Green Machine activities have been somewhat suspended, as I lose track of what day it is and all seems to float, normal human activities suspended for an eternal Christmas break.
Someone said to me recently Christmas has been hijacked, it does indeed seem to be an excuse for otherwise pointless revelry.

Anyway having got that off my chest, I will reflect on a visit to Portmeirion earlier in the year. Manager David Taylor and myself went there to do a video, neither of us had used a camcorder before but nonetheless we recorded myself miming to One For The Mods, in a suitably mod setting, Portmeirion of course being the setting for sixties cult series The Prisoner. Truth is I didn't think I liked the place, until I got there and actually it is a really pleasing place. apparently designed to be the Welsh equivalent of Italian seaside villages, it is a quirky, eccentric, colourful and charming dream village, very aesthetically pleasing and indeed I am going to look into the cost of accommodation there. I have put some photos in the gallery section. We will have to take a closer look at the video though. Parts of it may be usable. This year I intend to learn how to make videos properly. uTube is a potential world stage and of course it is not the only outlet. I would like to be very experimental, and really bring in my English preoccupations.

I am excited about this year. A lot of work has gone into the Village Green Machine project over the last 3 years - David had to learn how to design a website, how to engineer, I had to learn production and how to drum, its a lot of hard work. This year we move forward, out into the world.

I really want to do some more live stuff. VGM began as a recording project, the idea being to make great records, as I like to call them. This really is what it is about, although most of the music would translate live and I do hope to do it. Indeed Small Faces fanzine editor John Hellier has asked me to play at his Ready Steady Go 100 Club show this year. I could get up with my electric guitar today and do a show - I will do some shows like this. Roger Mcguinn style, and quite probably playing my twelve string Rickenbacker for rocking versions of White Plastic Moccasins, Seaside Town etc. I did this before and it went down well.

Wishing you anyway a good 2009 and thanks for coming back to read my blog

ps re Portmeirion, the man who designed it wore plus fours and tweeds I think, until the 1970s, I think he must have been an eccentric living in his own world, which sounds like an extremely good idea to me.

Mark Lemon - Village Green Machine

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. Portmeirion
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