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Thanks to all who have downloaded stuff this last year, I am working as you may know on a second album to follow England's Dreaming Spires. Influences come in and out of focus, sometimes coinciding with what I am listening to and sometimes not. My latest song is kind of Manfred Mann /Dylan, being influenced by their song Please Mrs Henry, actually an obscure Dylan one which never saw the light of day I don't think.

Anyway there is a Mark Lamarr session coming up probably early Feb. I have been producing one for the second album called English Gentleman, a psychedelic Monkees influenced thing, with a dash of early Stones and Kinks in the blender.

We are taking time out over christmas, but will be recording again regularly from Jan 5th. I am setting up my 12 string Rickenbacker for sessions for the third album. It didn't sound like the Byrds at all when I bought it, I was really disappointed. These guitars apparently need old style pickups, flat wound strings and so on to get that great jangle sound. So after months of disillusion I gripped the bull by the horns recently and found out all that needs doing to it to make it jangle like 1966.

I was pleased with Paul Gray's comments about my music, he is a big noise in the MU, and was in bands whose records I bought when I was a young kid. He was in the Damned, Eddie and the Hot Rods and UFO. He said he thought my stuff 'fantastic'- thanks Paul. Also, it has been really nice to get a load of other compliments recently. Some guys on the internet said it was 'totally awesome'. Mark Lamarr said he was excited about my stuff and thought it 'very, very good'. One time I sent some stuff to a reviewer who said he thought people deserved better- I wasn't bothered anyway because he was into a certain type of metal music and wouldn't know a decent tune if it were called God Only Knows. He probably thought that was crap. PS Paul at the MU has asked if it would be OK to send the Damned's Captain Sensible a link to my stuff- of course that would be fine.

Anyway 2009 feels a very important year in terms of moving things forward. We will be really pushing the album more. I want to play live. There is no set band with VGM, I played most of the stuff on the album.

Have a great Christmas

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