This week Village Green Machine is anticipating a session on Radio 2 with Mark Lamarr. The line up of musicians for the session has yet to be finalised, but it is a step forward for Mark and VGM.

''Village Green Machine is basically me, the name I use. I recorded a lot of the instruments on England's Dreaming Spires, but I would like to go live and do sessions and so forth. This week I have been working on live performances of the songs. I have also been in the Church Hall, recording a track for the second album, called English Gentleman. It sounds rough but like the tracks on the first album, it should shape up when I get down to production. I was saying to my friend and manager David Taylor, the songs really have to be beaten into shape to make them any good. Its all production skills which make either an OK record or a great one. As I have said I aim to make really great ones or to hell with it, there would be no point in being quite good. So English Gentleman will get a thorough roughing over, and we'll see how it sounds then. It is influenced by The Kinks, The Monkees, and The Stones and Beatles. Its a good set of lyrics and a well put together track, I may well put backwards guitars on it and some tremolo guitars.

All I really want to do is be me. What a lot of pressure there is to be someone, be something and so forth. What a load of phoney baloney that is. Do you like that expression- phoney baloney. It reminds me of other curious anomalies of language, such as the word flibberdigibbett. Now, will the spell checker pick me up if I have spelt that wrongly. Another word I like is 'bumptious'. So if you put the 2 words together what have you got- bumptious flibberdigibbett. There now, doesn't that make you happy.


The spell checker did pick it up Mark, - flibbertigibbet :-)

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. Flibbertigibbet
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