SIR PERCIVAL SPITFIRE IN LONG TERM DETENTION SHOCK. Village Green Machine picked up on by household name DJs.

Village Green Machine have to report with sadness that their old friend Sir Percival has been detained in a secure wing of the Twilight Home, Redditch, and will be unavailable to host this blog for the foreseeable future. However this leads us to a point where facts about Village Green Machine can take precedent over Sir Percival's berserk, if enthusiastic repartee.

Mark:- Also this week I sent a hard copy of the LP to fab DNA Groove tailor of genius Claudio, who digs my sounds. And one to 60s beat legends The Searchers, who I am hoping will do a couple of my songs. Two radio 2 DJs are currently grooving to England's Dreaming Spires, the first Village Green Machine LP available from our website and major download sites.

This week, I have been drinking. And running. And working. And, recording, a quite fab new song engineered by my stalwart engineer David Taylor. It is entitled Emily Stent, and is a 12 string acoustic based psychedelic jangler, wih 60s Farfisa organ, and African Jimbe drum. It is about some beautiful girls I once saw, and has a deeply personal lyric. The 12 string acoustic sounds great with the organ. I got a strong vocal down.
It has this '67 feel about it. But it is useless trying to really describe music, about as effective as trying to describe a colour quite frankly. Just take it from me its a total groove.

Things are really starting to kick off with England's Dreaming Spires. This album deserves a place in your life, you owe it to yourself! So if you haven't bought any songs from it yet, come on press that download button and pay our rent, OK?

I will keep making the greatest art I can until I am too ill or senile or dead to create, until then I will be in there trying to chisel greatness out of who knows what. I mean, where does great art actually come from? I don't know. As I write, I am listening to Janice Long's show. She has said she would love an LP of mine, well its in her inbox now. On her show I hear Apeman by Ray Davies and The Kinks. It sounds fab. With Ray, do people realise just how many great records the Kinks made, in the 60s alone? If you don't know about them, take my advise- get all their 60s albums. You will not regret it.

This week, I have been tinkering with a new song, Big City, which I am running up alongside the Rolling Stones Brown Sugar in my mind, and I will be fighting to make it as good. Maybe that's a tall order but I am going to have a go. I love Brown Sugar, it has such a great groove, it really is one of the greatest records ever made. The Stones are a vital life force of inspiration to me, a well spring of inspiration. Their song Rough Justice from the last album is as good as anything they ever did, I think. Apart from Ruby Tuesday, and Satisfaction. Now, a little rant. All those (grunge?) bands, Keith Richards said, knew how to rock but not to roll. Whereas I will say, Keith and Mick and those cool cool Stones boys really knew how to swing and groove, and at 66 years old, they still do. Thanks for teaching me. As I listen more to Janis' show, I hear Led Zeppelin singing a really famous track of theirs. Which swaggers and grooves just as much as the Stones. Its really heavy groove wise, with John Bonham really laying a filthy fat groove in there, a heavy swing darker than Bournville and twice as delicious.

And do you know what, I think I've just had an e mail from Janice. I'm just off to check.

I need love, I need money, and I would like another drink.

And the music.You know I've got 500 songs to record. I sweat songs like a boulder sweats moisture.

Mark Lemon VGM

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. Sir Percival In Long Term Detention Shock
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