My Eccentric Cousin

Goodevening peasants, its Sir Percival Spitfire here, condescending readily to you rabble, one or two of whom I hear HAVE NOT downloaded the Village Green Machine album yet FROM THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITE.
Your life is lacking until you hear it, and I must warn you, I have had a little drinky poo this evening ( 7 tumblers of port)
and may have a few more, and possibly one of my mothers opium pain killer tablets too, which are a legal prescription item, before I finish this telegram. So if you don't hear from me next week, give the toll bridge on Mars a ring and ask if they've seen me, or Village Green Machine's manager Mr David Taylor, as we are always happy able to help. He has asked me to eviscerate that HE does not reside on Mars.

Now, to the subject you have all come to read about- this weeks FEATURED TRACK from England's Dreaming Spires. Over to its author Mark Lemon-

"That old man is a dear old thing, a constant support to us. His beard is spangled with a myriad stars, all supported by a surgical truss. But thats enough about him, and heres the serious lowdown on this song.

My Eccentric Cousin was written a day or so after the passing of my fathers second cousin, Douglas.
Douglas lived all his life with his brother, with their pet cat 'Kittypuss'. Don't laugh, you ratbags. They were architects, and very much gentlemen of the old school. Speaking of which, they went to King Edwards school, a very distinguished grammar school. When Douglas passed away, I very much felt that he represented a passing , if not already passed way of life, as he was a gentleman. a person of some gentility. Eccentric Cousin was a direct response to his death. I dedicate this song to Douglas Teale. Anyway, the story goes that neither he nor his brother could afford to marry, so ended up sharing a home. It is uncanny, because they lived in one of the big houses on the road where we record. Douglas was well read, and both he and his brother were gentlemen of some style. They wore crombie overcoats, and paisley scarves. I inherited a gorgeous blue paisley scarf from them, which Dave kusworth wanted to inhert from me, only I wasn't dead. I wear douglas's 1930 art deco watch,...I wanted to write also a positive song about death. I'm not actually a morbid person at all, except for my fascination with the obituary columns. And my visits to graveyards, beneath a full moon. This song is about death. I tried as well to write a melody Douglas might have liked, as an old man. It is noticeably different from my other melodies. Maybe I need to wait for someone to kick the bucket before I write a hit. Anyway, this is the general story of this track. I recorded it a number of times before, but was never too pleased although this time I think I nailed it. Most of it was recorded in my garage. I took a highly experimental approach in most respects. It begins with backwards high hats. The tremelo guitar reminds me of the Everly Brothers. We put a ton of reverb on the Vox organ, giving it an almost subterranean quality. Multi tracked 4 part harmonies. Also speaking of cats my cat Winston got run over the day before I did the vocal so I was pretty ****** off at the time. I knew it would help get an emotive vocal to be honest. The drum sound was terrible on playback, so we put a ton of reverb on that. I loved it after that. Releasing a track is like releasing a bird, I am going into all this because I want to get it down for the record. I tend to skip the track on playback because its a bit sad, but it is one of the best tracks on the album and puts a better slant on losing someone than one might expect. It is uplifting to me really, irrespective of the subject matter"

Sob, blart. Where's the port. Ah thats better.

What has Mr Lemon been up to this week with VGM?

"We produced a track (possibly) for the second album called Its Done Out Of Love, a 12 string acoustic song. I am really pleased with it. Also we recorded a new song, with drums, electric guitar and Vox organ only. AND THE FUZZ PEDAL JOHN MCNALLY OF THE SEARCHERS GAVE ME. Its a real bonshaker, a rocker, but its got this acid guitar. Its more shambolic than the first album, but I quite like the spontaneity this affords. It means making hooklines up on the spot as I record which means the track has impetus and a certain energy. It is Kinksy, maybe a little like the White Stripes, but the lyrics are mine alone and are written about a very specific area, the one in which I grew up."

This week VGM have been bombarded by emaills from a person called Thunderbird Superstar. We don't know if this is man nor beast, woman or man. But if you are approached, keep your knickers on.

Sir Percival Spitfire

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. My Eccentric Cousin
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