White Plastic Moccasins

This was one of the first tracks that really took off after a break of 10 years recording inactivity.
Mark Lemon walked away from music after an aborted record deal, vowing never to return, and when he started the England's Dreaming Spires sessions he could hardly put a recording together, having been absent from music for such a long time.


" I finally siezed the bull by the horns and decided to get a drum kit in early 2006. I always felt I had drumming in me, and when I began playing, I instinctively knew what to do. I had been a bass player previously, so it came naturally and also I liked and still like music with a groove. Brown Sugar and Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones, and Before They Make Me Run from their Some Girls album, are part of my DNA, these are mid tempo rock songs with a Keith Richards/ Charlie Watts swing, which is just brilliant and as Keith said, a lot of music rocks but doesn't roll. Mine does! Thankyou Stones. Also respect to the great Mr Dave Kusworth with whom I played for some years - his playing has that beefy Stones swing. So, I have had a great musical grounding. I've played a lot of gigs in the past but these days I don't want to play on the 'toilet circuit', which is why I'm channeling resources elsewhere for now. In time, I would absolutely love to play live again, but I need a substantial audience and its early days. I am intending to do some solo shows like Billy Bragg and eventually go live with a band. I'd like to be asked to play live.

Re: White Plastic Moccasins -

"That one really started to fly, after a decade almost without recording. Its got some clout, its quite dense. Kinks influenced for sure, its a character portrait which Ray did so well. The guitar solo was put together in several sections. It had to be, I had heavy strings on my Danelectro so it was hard to play in one go. Its a rocking 1966 song for 2008 and beyond, for now not for the past. The past is the past. I draw on the great decade because, it was that. I decided to get all the albums by my favourite 60's artists and ofcourse that made a lot of difference in my life. Who actually owns all the Kinks 60's albums and all the Beatles? It makes sense to get them since they're really good, you don't get much filler. Soon I'm doing my 60's music weekly 'chats' on the Village Green Machine website, I'll tell whoever is reading my views on a broad range of 60's music so people can decide whether its their thing and whether to pursue it".

This week and last has seen a strong run of recording success for Mark's Village Green Machine project/band. He has recorded a jaunty Beatlesque folk song, Dylanish, in that cool early Dylan way, but with his own stamp upon it. It was done on acoustic 12 string, with bass end Farfisa organ going through the Vox AC30. This is an Ivy League influence. Plenty of tambourine on this number, about tough love, about intervening in someones life in a way they may not like, for their own good. Mark -

"I am so pleased with it. I have tended to have an aversion to using acoustic guitars too much because I don't much like singer /songwriter mushy stuff. But I've found a way to use acoustic now as the primary instrument on a song, its a revelation to me."

Mark has written another song this week about living in suburbia, inspired by the thought of the coming winter months inevitably to be spent there. It's a tale about ginger cats and neighbours gossiping over garden walls, its a rocker for the second album.-

"My neighbours are dead cool on both sides, actually. I am grateful they put up with my drumming, I do it as quietly as I can"

And to think, VGM are launching to coincide with a recession.

"I couldn't give a toss about recession, it means nothing to me, it won't stop me at all, and people need some decent sounds to keep them going".

Indeed. Have you downloaded the album yet? Tell your friends about it. Send a message, become part of something great.

Sir Percival

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. White Plastic Moccasins
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