You Make Me Feel That Way

Mark Lemon wrote this song when he was living in a Victorian bedsit in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton. He draws on a backlog of material as well as using new songs when he records an album. He says-

"This is a sweet sounding, innocent from the heart thing. I was criticised for writing 'I really love you' by a fellow musician. But whats wrong with that? I hope it gives the early Beatles a run for their money, but they were the best white vocal group in the world. I'm proud of the song though. I used the acoustic I used on all the early Jacobites stuff, it has a distinctive sound which should be recogniseable from Robespierres Velvet Basement."

"I wanted to make You Make Me Feel That Way along the lines of a 1964-5 British pop single. I compressed the guitar hook and put a load of reverb on, and turned it up loud. This was all inspired by one of my favourite Hollies songs, I Can't Let Go."

This week, Mark has been recording another track for the second album, the incredible 'Around Rushall Churchyard. Mark-

"We did the whole track and produced it in one session. It is a little like Ghost Princess, only the guitar goes through the AC30. Its nice to be back recording in the church hall again, with my beautiful guitars, my AC30, and my Vox Continental organ. All the stuff looks brilliant, its a 60s aesthetic. Infact, looking at my gear it looks like a 60s American garage band are set up ready to play. Sometimes I go and sit in the church. I like the whole atmosphere and we get the place very cheaply. Today there was a squirrel sitting in the pews. I've left a note for the vicar because I'm worried it will starve."

This week Mark has been reflecting on his visual presentation;

"The whole image thing is important. After all, it is an expression of who you are, or it should be. I can't believe it when people have a 'personal stylist', or an image consultant. Either, you have aesthetic taste, or you get one of those, I suppose. Now, I don't want to be bitchy, but man have you seen what U2 used to look like? And that was with the help of an image doctor. Boy George, lordy lordy. Did anyone see him on Jools Holland? I want to look fantastic. My favourite guys sartorially have to be Brian Jones, and Syd Barrett. And although I'm not a massive 70's fan, Marc Bolan.

Here are 10 other people whose dress sense I admire. Let me know who you think are the best dressed musicians of all time. All you people out there get in touch. 10 stylish dudes, let me think.

1) Keith Richards, especially the early Keith but he still looks great.

2)Janis Joplin. Generally hippy fashions were mushy garbage, but Janis was an artist and she really had it together, what a great girl too.

3)Paul Weller. He is such a dandy, and has made very few fashion faux pas over the years. I like his suits, his wing tipped brogues, he looked like a model. Tall, good looking, thin, great dress sense.

4) Steve Marriot. All the Small Faces had great taste in sartorial attire. Button down shirts with big collars, and those great striped pants and chequered trousers, I must get some. I love 1960s shoes.

5)Bob Dylan. Generally understated, but he always looked great. Especially his '66 period of dandyism, but when did he ever look bad, except for the 80s, and lets face it everyone looked flipping (or a similar word) terrible in the 80s except The Smiths (mind you Andy and Mike didn't really have it together) and the JAMC looked cool.

6)Sky Saxon. Sky and his band just looked beautiful, like the Monkees, whose records were fantastic and who dressed really cool. PS check them out on YouTube, I was so impressed with the way they looked, it was quite moving.

7)John Lennon. To me it seems obvious the Beatles were dandy aesthetes, people who could see beauty in mens clothes, who just always looked great. Maybe Ringo was the best dressed, like Charlie perhaps holding it together in the Stones both dress wise and rhythmically. Anyhow full points for Lennon because he looked great even in the throes of hippiedom and then later in the 70s, when everyone looked rubbish, he managed to look very cool. He looked great at the end too.

8)The Kinks. I never thought they had much going on visually, I'd only ever seen a drab photo session until I had a look on the internet at a load of pictures, and they really surprised me. They were the height of Carnaby Street style, really outrageous and flamboyant.

9)The Velvet Underground, Nico, and Andy Warhol. They had a mod kind of look, a stylish understated casual dress sense, plenty of black, great boots, actually the epitome of tasteful fashion. I think of Sterling and Cale, wow! Nico wore a Chanel white trouser suit and was one of the world's most beautiful women. Warhol had a wig (Wiggy Warhol?) and the dark glasses, there were a few Breton tops around. I always ask myself if the Velvets would approve of what I am wearing, if not, its down to Oxfam.

10) Maureen Tucker. Yeah I know she was in the Velvets, but I want to mention her here because she just looked so cool with her Beatles hair, a plain black top, and dark glasses. You just wouldn't mess with her, but she had warmth and compassion about her too. And I learnt everything from her about drumming.''

I suspect ebay do very well out of Mr Lemon, who has recently discarded 40 shirts, of his collection nearing 200. He has 20 pairs of shoes. A blue velvet suit. 42 Tootal scarves. Cravats. Paisley cravats. A pair of basket weave shoes.....but likes best of all his Small Faces suit.

''I got it from Sherries off Carnaby Street, where Morrissey and Weller go.. It is made to the same pattern used for the Small Faces suits, with the 2 slanted pockets, the high narrow lapels and slim fitted trousers. A good suit is the basis of everything''.

Indeed. For more VGM tales come back next week, with love from the VGM camp

Sir Percival Spitfire

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. You Make Me Feel That Way
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