This week Mark has been on holiday in Wales, to the exact birthplace of Seaside Town. He has begun a series of written articles/lectures about his favourite 1960s bands and solo artists, which will be appearing on the VGM website. He hopes people will read these in order to get information which will make them want to hear that music. Mark-
"I am really enjoying writing these introductions. I used to be a music journalist, but these short essays are more personal. They are general, and talk about MySpace list of favourites plus more. Take these essays as an informal introduction to 60s music, by someone who knows and loves the stuff, rather than anything too dry and merely factual. The Virgin Encyclopedia of Sixties Music is really good, but I prefer it when someone says to me ' so and so is brilliant, it sounds like this, they looked like this' as in a sort of word of mouth thing rather than anything formal or impersonal. So in my essays I am getting personal and talking as if the reader were in the room. This is my approach'.
Mark has been braving the highly variable Welsh climate and enjoying the scenery.-
"The truth is I live in suburbia, like David bowie and Marc Bolan did, and it is nice to escape for a while to find nature and beauty. Suburbia and its expectations pressurise some people to escape, they feel compelled from an early age to react. This is what happened to me, and that is why I do Village Green Machine, and that is why VGM is going to be really successful- because I am driven, and the clock is ticking so I'm holding onto my hat and I'm off- like Miss Hunter- Dunne on the rollercoaster."
Mark Lemon, an outsider in suburbia, surely not.

Come back next week for more info on another track from England's Dreaming Spires, and news on the imminent recording of Around Rushall Churchyard, a delicate ballad Mark is due to record for the second Village Green Machine LP which he considers one of his best.

Sir Percival Spitfire

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. Seaside Town
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