A Magistrate, A Donkey, and an AC30

This week Village Green Machine's Mark Lemon has been recording a song called Magistrate On A Donkey, having asked manager David Taylor for a subject about which to write a song. He says
' I wrote a throwaway set of lyrics then guess what, threw them away. I asked David for an idea for the song, but didn't realise I would rewrite the words six times before I was happy, it s been a lot of work'.

Mark also got his new Vox AC30 amplifier down to the village hall where he got 'a great sound. I'm happy with the new sound, I turned the amp up so it overloaded a bit and it reminds me of a Dave Davies sound which is bang on. I double tracked 12 string rhythm acoustic, since when I've been practising the main guitar parts to an MP3. We record every week in the old hall, it has a vibe there. Its a piece of the past, its like stepping back to the 1920s or 1950s. I really like the atmosphere, it helps me record. I don't go for modern studio environments. '

This week is one of general activities, looking for journalists to contact, finalising yet more website stuff, setting up MySpace, and all the other stuff which goes with launching.

Mark is looking forward to writing a comprehensive list of his favourite bands and musical artists for MySpace.'Obviously it will start with the Action and end with The Zombies'. Well ofcourse...

Also Mark this week is mourning the sad death of his Aunt, a formidable character by all accounts who once accused him of playing 'evil beat music'. She apparently thought that the tribal rhythms of rock & roll stimulated the base part of human kind, ie the sexual, libidinous side of human nature, and thus was evil. This idea I believe was popularised by Christians upon encountering negro jazz. Nonetheless, Mark says he will miss this family character, whom he describes as a person 'who had been there forever, lived to be 93, and passed peacefully in her sleep at home, as she would have wished'.

Mark has been drinking a little more and watching his fave comedy On The buses until 5.am, so nothing really changes.


Sir Percival Spitfire

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. A Magistrate, A Donkey, and an AC30
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