England's Dreaming Spires

Village Green Machine are preparing to launch the first album on August 31st. This is the date on which all the loose ends have to be brought together in order to unleash Village Green Machine on the world.

The last two and a half years have seen constant hard work in the Village Green Machine camp, as the songs of Mark Lemon have been brought together to make England's Dreaming Spires.

This remarkable album reveals Lemon to be not only a songwriter and instrumentalist of exceptional merit, but also a producer of singular vision. If you think this album sounds like nothing else around your assumption would be correct. It defies current trends, especially that of mediocity, imparting a colourful selection of great English songs.

I asked Mark what has been happening this week.

''I have been working on songs for the second album, singing them over and over, trying to re enforce their structure in my mind, and get the playing up to scratch on the 12 string acoustic. It is a pig to play unless you play regularly on it. Anyhow the songs are coming together. Both fast ones, one is about a man who has high ideals at college but steadily moves into a materialistic world view and loses his soul in the process. It started being influenced by the Ramones, but I am drawing on my Searchers influence now, so it will be a jangly rocking folk pop song.

The other song is really Monkees influenced, I am a great fan of their stuff. Its about taking a great influence, and putting a certain twist on it, in terms of actually putting your own creative input in there. There is no point in just copying.

Also this week I am a little stressed as I am trying to gear up for the launch of England's Dreaming Spires. It has been a lot of work especially learning to produce. I am really, really pleased with the album. My manager is working his nuts into the ground to make me a rock & roll star!''

Sir Percival Spitfire

Reading Village Green Machine's ezine. England's Dreaming Spires
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